El Día de San Patrício

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I listened to the Dropkick Murphy’s Live on St. Patrick’s Day album twice to get me in the mood.

What a silly, holiday. You should have seen Ashlet. Poster child of silly. 😉

I did “double red” today at the blood drive because I’m O- and I feel like it’s the right thing to do since people need my blood. Perhaps if I ever need it, someone will have done the same for me. The machine was really cool. It sucks out one unit of blood, just like normal, but then it uses a centrifuge to separate your plasma and platelets and put them into a separate bag. They get pumped back into you with saline and an anticoagulant so they can take another unit of red cells.

The only problem is the small gym was really cold the entire time so I had a little trouble when the time came for me to take my plasma back. My veins had constricted from the cold and the blood loss and when they tried to pump stuff back in, they wouldn’t take it and my blood pressure shot way up and it hurt really, really bad because there was too much pressure on my veins…. so we had to quit and I only was able to give one unit of red cells. So I get to donate in 52 days again instead of the year it would have been had I given “double red”.

The people told me that my hemoglobin level was 18 or 52% which is really awesome because the minimum for “double red” is 13 and even lower for normal donation. It’s even more remarkable apparently because I don’t eat meat.

The rest of the day was mediocre (except for art). I worked on getting out all the recommendation papers requisite for the local scholarships and made a bunch of copies. In art I’m 95% sure I’ll be done with my bowl, take 2 before the end of the week. Then I get to start of the next project. Hooray! I also got to sit next to a really pretty girl today who was dressed kinda funny. Very green for some reason.

I then left school at 1:45 to go to North Wood Lanes to bowl with the disabled children. It was a lot of fun, Jacci Vanni came back from her throne on high to mingle with us commoners. It was good seeing her, she was campaigning pretty hard for me to go to Akron and I felt kinda bad telling her it was probably going to be Ohio State. I enjoyed cheering for everyone, I lost.

I was more irked about the bowling alley. Now I understand that they’re trying to run a business, but they were extremely niggardly. They said that since we only paid for one game that we could only bowl one game and shut off the lanes after our one game was over. You’d think that a local business would be more than happy to contribute to a local charitable cause; especially when there’s no skin off their back and the charitable cause is coming to you and paying you all ready. It’s not like it was expecting other customers, who the hell goes bowling at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon?

Raar. Well those are my two good deeds for today. I’m pleased with myself.

I also went to Kung-Fu.

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