Dave Hause, Mikey Erg, Ian Graham at Rumba Café

Yesterday evening, 4/16/2011, I went to go and see members of The Loved Ones, The Ergs, and Cheap Girls at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, OH located at the intersection of Hudson and Summit Streets.

All three of these men are touring together and it they are a trio made in heaven. Each of them are very talented musicians and songwriters and they all have a unique and distinct sense of humor when matched together create a dynamic and eclectic music event.

Many of you know that I collect tour posters, I happen to have a number of these laminated bills on my wall where they are prominently displayed. During the second act, as Erg was playing, I noticed that the Rumba had one posted for the evening’s event. Deciding that I must have this for my collection I asked the bartender and bouncer if they minded me taking it for my collection.

Upon acquiring the poster I was struck with the brilliant idea of having the performing musicians sign it as I was one of fifteen in attendance that evening. Following the conclusion of Mikey’s songs, I asked Mr. Erg and Ian to liberally apply their respective John Hancock’s – they willingly obliged and I was even made privy to the fact that the Cheap Girls appear in an article in the latest edition of High Times:

As the show transitioned into the Dave Hause portion of the program anticipation grew – The Loved Ones are an epic band and Hause is very creative artistically. We heard a very nice mix of music from his own solo records as well as the music of the full band. I was happy to hear him mention that he is currently writing a new Loved Ones record on the tour. One of the songs he played “Great Depression” was simply brilliant and isn’t something I’ve heard before… so I look forward to seeing it make its way onto a future release. Hause also played “Pray for Tuscon” before entertaining requests from the crowd (I got in “Jane”). After playing the song which is about a close-call automobile accident, Hause shared an anecdote about a woman who congratulated him for bringing religion into rock-and-roll. Hause made it very clear that religion is not his cup of tea (but if its yours that’s cool).

I decided to mention to him afterwards that since the last time we saw his band at The Newport (another little anecdote which after some discussion he was able to remember — Bryant, a good friend of mine who was ejected from the show after Dave gave him wine), I had become an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. As such, I am able to ordain others as ministers into the church. Dave seemed excited by this idea and allowed me to ordain him as the “Reverend Father Dave House” prior to signing my poster.

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