#ApplyingForRmotr Advanced Python Course

This post is the third component of my scholarship application for the RMOTR Coding Bootcamp Advanced Python Course <https://rmotr.com/advanced-python-programming>.


Hot on the heels of the ChiPy Mentorship Program, I am proud to have worked on several projects automating the inventory reconciliation process at work and holding federal employees accountable for taxpayer dollars spent in meetings. I have even been volunteering my fledgling skills on a collaborative civic tech project to preserve the public record of presidential Tweets.

I am ready to take my learning to the next level– with the intention of seeking full-time, junior development roles in the technology sector. The Rmotr Advanced Python Course serves this purpose. I believe the flexibility of being a remote course, coupled with the rigorous curriculum and cohort structure, ensures a good fit with my mobile, millennial lifestyle. The course also speaks to making serious headway towards my goal of becoming a professional in fast-moving, creative, and rapidly growing software industry.

The Rmotr Advanced Python Course stands to deepen my knowledge in a variety of key topics such as nested functions, advanced argument passing, special attributes (i.e. dunder attributes: __name__, __doc__, __etc__). Further parts of the curriculum which I find exciting are the topics in Advanced Object Oriented programming such as “magic” methods and polymorphism. Finally, I believe the emphasis placed on context managers and file handing can help me with my presidential Twitter robot project and while I have some experience with Falcon APIs and gunicorn, I have yet to scratch the surface with Pythonic webdev and Flask.

These components of the course stand to empower me with a deeper understanding of computer programming in Python. While I know I will gain much from the collaborative, supportive, team environment promoted by Rmotr, I am also prepared to be an active student and a strong contributor to my cohort. I am excited to jump in and thrive from the energy put put by fellow motivated, smart, digital professionals and I look forward to getting my hands dirty, up to my elbows in code, in an upcoming section of Rmotr’s Advanced Python Course.

The second part of the scholarship application was to make a 1-minute video demonstrating me teaching a skill I am familiar with. Here I am demonstrating the usage of the simple, palm-heel strike in a self-defense context. In Karate we say “1000 times a punch,” meaning it takes thousands of repetitions to be able to deliver an effective punch that does not cause harm to the wielder of the weapon. The palm-heel strike can be learned in one minute and applied in the next minute, if necessary. In this video, I show you how!

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