CHIditarod XI

Friends, family! I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the 11th annual CHIditarod.

CHIditarod is Chicago’s 100% volunteer-driven epic urban shopping cart race, charity food drive, costumed beauty pageant, talent show and chaos generator, all in one. It’s a micro-grant fundraiser for the CHIditarod Foundation, and probably the world’s largest mobile food drive, benefiting the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

I will be braving the ice and snow of Chicago’s winter to dress as Scooby-Doo with 4 other valiant RPCVs. As the Mystery Team, we gallivant about the world attempting to solve various social issues each member holds dear to their heart. Community gardening, women’s empowerment, marine conservation, and animal rights count among these causes. Together we unveil that behind each of these seeming intractable ails of the modern world- just like the other ghouls, goblins, and ghostly apparitions our town fears- there is a reasonable solution.

Mystery, Inc. is about to embark on its latest adventure, the quest to vanquish an alarmingly large villain in our own backyard: Hunger. Through their participation in the 2016 CHIditarod, we hope to raise as much non-perishable food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository as possible. To date, this event has raised over 100,000 pounds of food for our Chicago neighbors.

Chiditarod 2014 & 2015

Please support us by making a donation to the cause via our team’s page on Razoo.

Your generous donation supports grassroots, hunger-fighting initiatives. CHIditarod parters with food banks, urban farms, educational programs for children in Chicago Public Schools, mobile farmers markets, and more!  Thank you so much for your generous contribution, it makes a world of difference.

Upon commencing a sabbatical from Mystery Inc., the five members traveled across the world in pursuit of fulfilling work and the promotion of world peace. Their colorful history as a crime-solving team had oddly prepared them well to tackle social issues far and wide. Join the Mystery Team in their latest adventure against an alarmingly large villain: Hunger. ZOINKS!

As Peace Corps volunteers we engaged in the search for creative, fun solutions to difficult problems. After service, we remain committed to confronting hunger, a major issue in our new home of Chicago.

Fred Jones, worn out from the stress of Mystery Inc. and overwhelmed by the tightness of his ascot, set out for Senegal, West Africa, in search of a new experience. Upon the return to his motherland, Fred has enjoyed bicycling to breweries and pursuing the search for the perfect new ascot.

Miles Conant as Fred Jones

Danger-Prone Daphne, after being evacuated from Ukraine, has set roots in Chicago. Despite being back in the US, her love for vodka and adventure continues! Daphne can now be found marathon training with Scooby. By the way, after Daphne was evacuated from Ukraine, she returned to an active war zone to pick up her dog who now lives safely in Illinois.

Rachel Story as Daphne Blake

Velma jetted off to Morocco to solve a mystery when she lost her glasses back in the US! Luckily she solved the mystery of Moroccan Arabic and got a new pair. When she isn’t solving mysteries Velma likes sing with her choir, work on her cooking skills, and day dream about her next adventure.

Lexy Huber as Velma Dinkley

Shaggy, having been surrounded by a perpetual haze all of his life, awoke one day to find his aspirations dissipated into smoke. Realizing nothing of merit had been accomplished in his life thus far (beyond training a dog to giggle); he joined the Peace Corps and took off to the other side of the world. He’s recently moved back to Chicago. Shaggy has since donned a tie, got a haircut, and found a real job while still attempting to maintain that hippie spirit.

Mike DeLadesmo as Shaggy Rogers

Scooby Doo recently arrived in Chicago after pursuing good food and cheap beer in Guatemala. Between snacks, he can be found pursuing his passions for scuba diving and marine conservation.

Yours truly as Scooby-Doo!

For those of you in the Chicago-area, the CHIditarod will take place on March 5. You can come out and support Mystery, Inc. in the battle against hunger!

Please support us by making a donation to the cause via our team’s page on Razoo.